What is Amplify SDK?#

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The Fixstars Amplify SDK (hereafter Amplify SDK) is a Python library for formulating combinatorial optimization problems and running external optimization solvers.

The Amplify SDK makes formulating combinatorial optimization problems simple and intuitive. Once the problem is formulated, you can easily use quantum annealing machines, Ising machines, quantum computers with QAOA (Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm), and various hardware and software solvers including MIP solvers, through a common interface.

Amplify SDK features

🔰 Intuitive and easy to use

Formulating and solving combinatorial optimization problems couldn’t be easier or more intuitive. Amplify Annealing Engine, a solver that requires no further installation, is also provided free of charge.

🚅 Fast processing speed

The Amplify SDK is extremely fast and memory-efficient in formulation. You can develop applications for large combinatorial optimization problems.

🔱️ Multiple solver support

A wide range of solvers are available in the Amplify SDK, including quantum annealing machines, Ising machines, quantum computers, and MIP solvers. You can choose the solver that best suits your problems.

🧑‍💻️ For broad users

The Amplify SDK can be used by a wide range of users engaged in combinatorial optimization. It is designed to support a variety of user groups, from application software development to academic research.

Changed in version 1.0.0

The Fixstars Amplify SDK has undergone a significant makeover in version 1.0.0, making it more intuitive and easier to use than ever before, expanding the models covered, and making it more flexible and faster. For a migration guide from previous versions, see Migrating from Previous Versions. A compatibility layer with the earlier version is also provided to ensure a smooth transition. You can find documentation for previous versions at https://amplify.fixstars.com/en/docs/amplify/v0/.

How to get started with Amplify

🆔 STEP 1

User Registration

You can get a free API token for the Amplify Annealing Engine when registering as a user.

🛠️ STEP 2


You can install the Amplify SDK using the pip command in Windows / Linux / MacOS environments.

🔍 STEP 3

Demos & Tutorials

Extensive demos and tutorials are available to help you learn how to use Amplify.


The Fixstars Amplify SDK is proprietary software. It is free for non-commercial and academic use. See Fixstars Amplify Terms of Service for more information.