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All Ising machines available through Fixstars Amplify
Effective Cloud Platform for Quantum Annealing 

Fixstars Amplify is the cloud platform for app development and supports all available Ising machines

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Supports various machines

All available quantum annealing and Ising machines can be used through Fixstars Amplify.

See supported machines


Simple and efficient app development

Automates complex and specialized processes for efficient use of Ising machines, and significantly reduces the cost of learning.

App development with Amplify SDK


From PoCs to real-world problems

Solves large scale problems with quick execution for application development aimed at PoCs and real-world problems.

Learn about Amplify Annealing Engine


Immediate start of development

Provides environments for development and execution as parts of the package for immediate use.

What is Fixstars Amplify

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Start now

Try Amplify SDK now and solve combinatorial optimization problems.
Install the package for Python with the command below.

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$ pip install amplify

Register for a free account, and get an access token to use Fixstars Amplify.

Get access token

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What is Fixstars Amplify?

Amplify is a cloud platform that enables the execution of Ising machines easily and effectively. Ising machines, such as D-Wave quantum annealer, are recently attracting much attention for a new approach to solve combinatorial optimization problems. 

* Currently, for using Ising machines other than Fixstars Amplify and D-Wave, you need separate usage agreements with each machine vendors.

Join our network of Amplify users

Fixstars Amplify is used by a number of research institutes and corporations for applications development based on combinatorial optimization.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fixstars Amplify requires an internet connection and installation of Amplify SDK in a Python-ready environment. For details, please see the Documentations decoration on SDKs.

Fixstars Amplify can be used for free of charge for research and development purposes. To use it for the purpose of commercial operation, pricing starts at 100,000 JPY per month. See for pricing. Please contact us for further details.

Install Fixstars Amplify SDK (free download) into your development environment. Register and apply for an personal access token for Fixstars Amplify AE. Once registered with the website, the token can be found in the user page.

If you have the license agreement with the machine of your interest, you can use the machine with Fixstars Amplify. For information of the supported hardware and machines, please visit the Documentation decoration.

Commercial systems that utilize Fixstars Amplify will require a monthly subscription. We also have partnership programs for corporations willing to use Fixstars Amplify for systems development services. For details, please contact us.

If there are any other questions, please contact us