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Fixstars Amplify offers free edition for trial use and pilot projects.

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For free trial Start Now
For business use Request a Quote
For Enterprise advanced use Request a Quote
Price Free 1000 USD/user/month 2000 USD/user/month
6000 USD/ 5 user/month
Computing Resource Small Medium Large
Execution time/job
10 sec/Job 1 min/Job 10 min/Job
Execution time extension None Yes (Extra charge) Yes (Extra charge)
Maximum size of a job 8k bits(fully-connected graph),
16k bits(sparse graph)
64k bits(fully-connected graph),
128k bits(sparse graph)
128k bits(fully-connected graph),
256k (sparse graph)
Additional GPU option
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Job execution priority Low High High
Number of executions May be restricted Unlimited Unlimited
Free execution of the D-Wave machine 3 min/month
3 min/month
3 min/month
Customer Support Basic Standard Premium
  • Inquiry method
  • Maximum number of incidents
  • Response Time
  • Additional support
  • Web form
  • 3 times/month
  • In 3 business days
  • None
  • email, conference call
  • Unlimited
  • By next business day
  • None
  • email, conference call
  • Unlimited
  • By next business day
  • Development support
For trial and pilot project use
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For commercial use
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* Academic licenses are also available. Please contact us for details.

* For the first time, a written application is required to run a D-Wave machine for free. Learn more about the program.

* Our pricing is on a monthly basis. If you place the order for the current month in the middle of the month, the cost for the full month still applies.

* When the program using Fixstars Amplify SDK and/or Fixstars Amplify AE goes into production, or when a paid PoC is conducted, you are required to subscribe to the Standard Plan or higher.

* Please see the terms of service before using.