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2023 IPA MITOU Target Program

We conducted interviews with five teams who were selected for the 2023 IPA MITOU Target Program and worked on the projects using Fixstars Amplify. We discussed each team's theme, the details of the combinatorial optimization problems (decision variables, objective functions, and constraints), and their challenges, future outlook and achievements, etc.

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About IPA MITOU Target Program

The IPA MITOU Target Program is a program that supports IT personnel who work on foundational technologies and cross-domain technological innovations in advanced fields that could radically change society by utilizing innovative next-generation IT. The program defines themes in advance from fields using new technology platforms where active research and development is undergoing, fields requiring expertise such as mathematics, etc. The program will then recruit personnel to work on these themes and provide support to personnel by collaborating with project managers, related companies, universities, etc. Selected participants will aim to realize the projects they propose and improve their own skills through the projects.

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