load_qplib(path: str, inequality_formulation_method: amplify.InequalityFormulation = <InequalityFormulation.Default: 8>, quadratization_method: amplify.QuadratizationMethod = <QuadratizationMethod.ISHIKAWA_KZFD: 0>) Tuple[amplify.BinaryQuadraticModel, Dict[str, int]]

Load model from a QPLIB file.

path (str):
  • The path to the QPLIB file.

inequality_formulation_method (InequalityFormulation):
  • The method to use to formulate inequalities.

quadratization_method (QuadratizationMethod):
  • The method to use to lower the degree of higher order polynomials.


tuple containing

  • BinaryQuadraticModel: The model converted from the file.

  • dict: The dictionary whose keys are varaible names in the file and values are indices of the variables in the model.